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  • Guangxi yuchai group

    Guangxi yuchai group

    Guangxi yuchai machinery group co., LTD., headquartered in yulin city of guangxi, the predecessor "yulin QuanTang industrial club" was established in 1951, is a diversified industrial management as the leading factor of the large modern enterprise group, a wholly owned subsidiary, holding, equity participation has more than 30, more than 20000 employees, total assets of 36.5 billion yuan. Is domestic product spectrum is complete, the complete internal combustion engine manufacturing base, small excavators mainly export base. In guangxi, guangdong, fujian, jiangsu, anhui, shandong, liaoning, hubei, sichuan, chongqing and other places have industry layout. Yuchai group is a national high-tech enterprise, has the abundant technical research and development strength, established two research and development base in nanning, yulin. Has a state-level enterprise technology center, national laboratory and postdoctoral workstation, member of expert enterprise workstation, national engineering laboratory is the internal combustion engine, diesel engine guangxi academy of only relying on the construction unit. Successively undertook the heavy commercial vehicle diesel engine technology development, large bus using CNG engine development, car diesel engine technology, special bus hybrid diesel engine research and development, nine national "863" project, involved in 33 countries, industry standards, become the first to take the lead to achieve the emissions Ⅴ Ⅳ Ⅲ, countries and countries standard diesel engine and batch production and put on the market of the enterprise. In 2011, yuchai developed the first domestic emission standard euro Ⅵ diesel engines, technically always keep pace with the world advanced level, of the green revolution has led to the engine industry.

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