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  •                                                  Implement the strategy of quality development 
                                              Making the first brand of man-made board industry

        Henan hongda wood industry co., LTD. Is a national poverty alleviation leading enterprises, the high growth in henan province privately operated enterprise, the company is a collection of fast-growing Yang planting and high-grade man-made board production as one of the modern large man-made board production enterprise. The company mainly produces: luxury buses, trains, aircraft interior trim board, avoid lacquer ecological board (melamine impregnated paper panel), high-grade furniture board, joinery board, etc series products.
        Company since its establishment has been sticking to the "people-oriented, science and technology enterprise, industry" business philosophy, to household adornment of green environmental protection as the guide, is committed to build China brand as own duty. Company production of "light" brand series of plywood, avoid lacquer waterproof formaldehyde-free, was rated as "one of the ten famous brands in forest products" in henan province, henan "famous brand product", "light" brand trademark was rated as "famous trademark" in henan province. With its green and environmental protection products of excellent quality best-selling Shanghai, tianjin, Beijing, henan and so on more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, since 1999, products have been exported to Spain, the United States, Britain and other 17 countries and regions.
        Review for 19 years, hongda 24 people started from a small factory developed into an annual output value of 250 million yuan of man-made board industry in henan province before the big three, thanks to HTC adhere to the quality of the development strategy, make the HTC in the sustainable development of the road more walk more wide.
        First, the whole process of quality management, improve the quality management level. Company based on ISO9001 quality management system, established from product design, raw materials, production process control, finished products into the factory inspection to after-sales service the whole process of quality control. New product conception to the new product sample confirmed, there are a series of process control, to ensure that the product design and quality in accordance with the requirements of customers.
        Control of raw materials, the company established in nanyang, xinxiang, tens of thousands of acres of timber forest base, selected tree species, afforestation, in the form of rotation wheel plant to ensure the quality of raw material supply of long-term, sustainable and controllable; Company strongly support surrounding funding to the more than 120 semi-finished products processing plants, and to the supplier to set up production standards, classification management, regularly send technicians and inspectors to supervise and guide the various suppliers, ensure the quality of raw materials and semi-finished products. Company once every half a year to carry out the "excellent supplier" selection activities, stimulate suppliers, ensure quality, achieve a win-win situation.
        Production process control and inspection: the company take the combination of quality, performance, performance appraisal system, developing quality management manual, implement quality traceability system, the six major factors affecting the quality of products "man, machine, material, method, ring, measuring" key control and dynamic monitoring; Employees work according to the standard, according to the process operation, do not qualified raw materials and semi-finished products into the next working procedure, unqualified products put an end to the factory; The company has perfect testing equipment, in accordance with the inspection standards, to test the board control, reach national standard of E0, E1 class environmental protection, to ensure the quality of products reach 100%.
       Second, the introduction of advanced production equipment and first-class manufacturing process, to ensure the consistency of the quality. Hongda company has 20 advanced domestic plywood production line, the integration of the whole production process from the logs to the finished product, etc. And PLC automatic control system for precise control of production line, to ensure product quality stability. Afforestation from the beginning, the company in the whole process in industry the highest production standards, strict screening process, achieve the stability of product quality, high compatibility and security. 20 years industry experience make advanced and strict management system, to ensure the quality of "light" brand man-made plank.
        Third, powerful research and development strength, for the quality of products. My company is "provincial enterprise technology center", has perfect testing equipment and professional engaged in man-made board technology research, industrial automatic control and other professional and technical personnel, engaged in research and development work. Since 2010 the company successfully developed since melamine impregnated paper decoration panel, with low carbon, green environmental protection, quality are very popular with the market. Nearly three years in succession to develop: melamine laminated board, top grade passenger car interior trim board, joinery board etc. 10 series peeler, meet the needs of different customers.
        Fourth, the import performance excellence mode, to leap from the product quality to the quality management. HTC in the performance excellence mode after import, to GB/T19580 "outstanding performance evaluation criteria" with quality, environment and occupational health system together, form the unity of the four management system, improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the system operation. HTC in the enterprise internal organization many times performance excellence mode standard and related management training; With the performance excellence mode combed the company's value system and development strategy; Improve the company performance evaluation system and measure system, make the company all the operation and management activities of the main line around the value and strategy of the main line; Customer and market as the focus, to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty, and then focus on the five parties of interests balance. 
        Over the years, the quality supervision departments at all levels, under the guidance of the company management more efficient, quality management more standardized, in 2013 won the "mayor of xinxiang quality prize".
        After 20 years of struggle, the quality of the company development strategy, has made brilliant achievements has been identified as "national poverty alleviation leading enterprises of the state council, be in henan provincial party committee, the provincial government identified as" provincial high growth private enterprises ", and won the "provincial key agriculture industrialization leading enterprises, provincial quality good faith A industrial enterprise, provincial enterprise technology center, the provincial AAA credit enterprise" and so on many honors. The company won the honor of an inexhaustible power to the pursuit of excellence quality as enterprise strict self-discipline, the pursuit of excellence, endless.
        Innovation and struggle is the essence of HTC one, our company will continue to implement the development strategy of quality, research and development more and more green environmental protection product, with excellent quality and sincere service to contributing to society, and strive to build China's first man-made board industry brand!

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