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  • What is melamine plate? Toxic melamine plate?

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    What is melamine plate? Toxic melamine plate?

    A, what is melamine plate?

    Melamine board is also called wenqi ecological board, you don't feel strange for the plate because of the name, melamine board is actually a kind of man-made board. When production is put some paper of different texture, color on soaking in the melamine resin adhesive, when soak dry to a certain extent. Then shop in fiber board, laminated, block board, such as plate surface, after hot pressing this process, finally produce melamine board. Now you know why the board called this name, because this board is soaking in the melamine resin adhesive.

    Second, the advantages of melamine plate

    Melamine plate surface is very smooth, no AoTuGan, shape looks good. Because of the melamine is spread in other plate, plate double expansion coefficient is the same. In addition, the plate is wear-resisting, its price is not high also, very affordable. This plate of performance good, also can be very simple just make to design. This board good corrosion resistance, acid, alkali and other solvents can't damage to it. On the other hand, because of its smooth level off, clean up easily.

    Third, toxic melamine plate?

    Melamine board is not poisonous, can be at ease use. But some quality production falls below the plate, it is poisonous. Because the melamine plate mainly formaldehyde release of chemicals. Everyone knows that formaldehyde is toxic, have a lot of damage to the human body. So we plate when the choose and buy, to see the factory to provide product test report, and the level of product standards. So, toxic melamine board is only relative.

    Henan hongda wood industry co., LTD., production of "light" brand melamine laminated panel, melamine board, etc. Series of products, environmental protection level is truly international standard E1, E0 grade environmental protection. Really did non-toxic formaldehyde-free, can rest assured the choose and buy out-of-the-box, green environmental protection!

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