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  • Congratulations to hongda wood industry co., LTD., was awarded the mayor of xinxiang, henan quality prize

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    Congratulations to hongda wood industry co., LTD., was awarded the mayor of xinxiang, henan quality prize

    On January 2, 2014, xinxiang accelerate national quality demonstration cities create and mayor of strong quality prize award ceremony. Meeting to henan hongda wood industry co., LTD., and other five units issued by the mayor's award for 2013. Municipal leaders wang bench, Wang Zhitong, high through the line, Liu Sen, qin to attend the conference. Mayor wang bench requirement, the city's various departments at all levels should be solidarity and collaboration, difficult to overcome, strive to create success at a stroke, constantly enhance the level of quality work.

    Mayor of xinxiang quality prize is the highest quality honor rewards of xinxiang people's government to set up, mainly awarded in xinxiang registration in the administrative areas, have extensive social popularity and influence, implementing performance excellence mode management, quality management level and capacity for independent innovation in the domestic industry in a leading position, has made significant economic and social benefits of the unit.
    The mayor award is a benchmark. Only stick to the benchmarking, could play a guide and motivate enterprises to strengthen quality management, improve business performance and enhance the core competitiveness. For our hongda group, the temptation to hundreds of thousands of yuan of bonus is not large, we care about is the quality of the award itself, it is named after the name of the government's awards for our promotion enterprise's intangible assets value.
    Issued by the mayor quality prize is the government guide and stimulate enterprises promote the core competitiveness of an innovative measures. Quality prize more value on the attaches great importance to the quality of the social atmosphere. From the government level, strengthen guidance, motivation, at the same time, more complicated and meticulous work also is to rectify and standardize the market order, to protect famous enterprises, improve the level of public service, etc.
    In this sense, the mayor award should not only become a high standard, high level, high gold content of the awards, also should have more rich connotation, make it become a piece of the whole society to participate in, high qu and the quality of the baton of ascension.
    Henan hongda wood industry co., LTD. All the staff will, as always, the guardian of our mayor quality prize awards, enforce performance excellence management, 5 s management, make the company in the product quality of high quality production and better management mode of more brilliant.

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