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    Congratulations to the Henan HTC wood industry limited company through CARB certification America

        Henan Hongda Wood Co., Ltd. is the national poverty alleviation leading enterprises, national large man-made board production enterprises, covers an area of more than 360 acres, total assets of 3.6 billion yuan, with 20 domestic most advanced wood-based panel production line. The company insists on self planting forest, concentrate on high quality man-made board, and not make a harmful wood.. Hongda wood has a million acres of sheet material planting base, 20 years experience in production of sheet, the top technical talent in the domestic first-class production equipment and industry has passed 3C certification, 3 standard certification, occupational health and safety management system certification and U. S. carb certification, and has import and export operation rights.
        Henan Hongda wood production of high-grade wood-based panel series plate, using domestic advanced equipment and advanced technology, high-quality imported materials, environment-friendly glue, after repeated processing, light brand products with characteristics of green, environmental protection, avoid lacquer, waterproof, non formaldehyde etc., suitable for luxury train and bus interior, high-grade furniture, etc..
        Intensity card, Lin Zhiguang card multi-layer solid wood plate, free paint ecological board and poplar plywood, furniture and other decorative plate, melamine stick panel, poplar wood Daixinban, high-grade poplar wood wardrobe cabinets board, star rated hotels decoration board, high-grade blockboard, bus interior plywood products with its green advantages, sold domestically and exported to the United States, Canada, Japan, Mexico, more than 20 countries and regions, light plate, Lin Zhiguang plate depending on the characteristics of the excellent product performance and green environmental protection, foreign praise and trust.

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