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  • On June 30, 2010, the company party committee set up the opening ceremony

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    On June 30, 2010, the company party committee set up the opening ceremony

    On June 30, 2010, henan hongda wood industry co., LTD., founded a grand party congress and the ceremony, all employees to participate in the ceremony, the chairman ShangGuangJiang party committee to speak on behalf of the company, the following contents:
    "Henan hongda wood industry co., LTD., is based on the law of the People's Republic of China company law, the regulation on the administration of company registration of the People's Republic of China and other relevant provisions approved by the henan province administration for industry and commerce registered co., LTD., hongda company was built in August 2000, located in yuanyang country Han Dongzhuang zhuang village, township wild ShangGuangJiang by the legal representative, registered capital of 50.6 million yuan, the company existing staff 890 people, is a provincial industrialization leading enterprises, has been rated as" national leading enterprise for poverty alleviation, "henan" agricultural industrialization leading enterprises ", "forestry industrialization leading enterprise", "municipal private demonstration enterprise", the company is industrial and commercial bureau awarded "guard the heavy reputation of contract" enterprises in henan province, was awarded the "key protection enterprise", "xinxiang agricultural industrialization leading enterprises", "xinxiang forestry industrialization leading enterprise", "advanced private enterprise" "tax advanced units", "quality trustworthy enterprise", the best-selling products at home and abroad."

    Yuanyang country on behalf of the county party committee, secretary of party committee to henan hongda wood industry co., LTD., expressed his warm congratulations, XiangHongDa wood industry in recent years to express our heartfelt thanks yuanyang country contribution to economic development. County henan hongda wood industry co., LTD., the first non-public enterprise party committee, the county party organizations at all levels should be as a new starting point, seriously implement provincial, municipal committee of the deployment requirements relating to the non-public enterprises party construction, focus on promoting non-public enterprise party organizations focus on building activities, consolidate to form a result, the party's organizational resources into the development of resources, the party's organization into development advantages, the vitality of the party organization vigor into development, where is the key point of the development of the enterprise, a powerful guarantee for the party's construction is where; Where is the problem of enterprise development, where is the party's construction of crucial break difficult; Where is the long-term planning of enterprise development, the party's construction of the advanced planning and where is the service in advance. To guide non-public enterprise party organizations around the scientific development, further enhance the party's influence, cohesion and combat effectiveness; Around the enterprise to improve the quality of party members, further play to the party member's cutting edge exemplary role; Around the party organization self building, the party organization should play the role of political core, further promote the healthy development of enterprises. Should be about "the prey, and to carry out the full cover, practical, popular" requirements, to strengthen the party organization construction and promote the healthy development of the non-public enterprises as the goal, the innovation system mechanism, improving methods, highlight key, break through the difficulty, solid foundation, and steadily push forward. One is to continue to increase the intensity of non-public enterprise party organizations concentrated form. The second is to strengthen the guidance of non-public enterprise party organizations. 3 it is to play a role of non-public enterprise party organizations in a breakthrough. Four is to intensify assistance to non-public enterprise party organizations.

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