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  • Send cool and refreshing summer, take care of this

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    Send cool and refreshing summer, take care of this

    Midsummer season, the scorching sun, heat wave. Henan hongda wood industry co., LTD., cadres and workers braving the sweltering heat, hold position, with toil and sweat written a song song of dedication.

    Workers gets a line, enterprise support. Employees in order to ensure the energetic in working, henan hongda wood industry co., LTD., deployed early, artful arrangement, perfect heat and cooling measures in a timely manner, to carry out the cooling purposes. Before the summer is for each production workshop production, water supply, power supply equipment, line maintenance, maintenance, all-round to ensure high temperature season continue to electricity and water. Comprehensively strengthen employee safety education, timely adjust production shift and the operation time, try to avoid high temperature period operation, ensure the worker have plenty of work and rest. To strengthen the staff canteen food hygiene inspection, resolutely prevent food poisoning events. Send cool and refreshing summer, love ooze, henan hongda wood industry co., LTD., lead in-depth work site, condolences to frontline employees, and told every employee pay attention to cooling purposes, to ensure safety in production. For effective prevention staff under the environment of high temperature heat stroke, the company procurement ageratum water, cool, chrysanthemum tea and other cooling purposes of vital qi, and distributed to every employee in time. In view of the hot weather some employees poor appetite, etc., staff canteen reasonable arrangement of the food in the summer, and start from the color, aroma, taste, increase the varieties of cold, continuously improve the quality of the food. On the premise of guarantee the nutrition, and every day ready to cool themselves green bean soup, chrysanthemum tea, watermelon and other drinks and fruit, to help employees to quench thirst.

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