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  • The main types of the whole cabinet, wardrobe sheet and choose standard

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    The main types of the whole cabinet, wardrobe sheet and choose standard

    A, sheet

    Plate is the main material of integral ambry wardrobe, which directlydetermines the product quality. Cabinet plate on the market mainly usesman-made board, rarely used wood. Artificial board is divided into splint(also called multilayer board), particle board, fiberboard. The fiber boardand high density, medium density, low density of.

    1, high density board: it is made of wood fiber or other plant fiber as raw material, after cooking and ground into a fine fiber by adding an appropriate amount of adhesive, at a certain temperature and pressure pressed. High density, high strength.

    2, particle board: namely the proverb "board", the wood into small particles of wood shavings and adding proper amount of adhesive agent, under certain temperature and pressure pressed. Density is not high, intensity.

    3, the multi-layer solid wood board: the wood adhesive layers of singleplates or sheets after the cold pressing, hot pressing, sanding, health and several working procedure produced. With a small modification, high strength, good internal quality (cut saw after the small, non hierarchicalpores), characteristics such as good flatness. As is currently the Handmadefurniture with excellent performance is not easy to deform and good adjusting indoor temperature and humidity of the multi-layer solid woodboard (wardrobe cabinets etc.) is the most commonly used materials. Is thematerial the highest price on the market.

    4, melamine board: the melamine impregnated paper is directly pressed on the particleboard and multi-layer solid wood board (the acronym: multi-layerecological board). The multi-layer ecological plate has gradually become the main material most wardrobe cabinets manufacturers.

    Criterion two, plate quality

    1, look at the cabinet plate adopts a multilayer board or particieboard,judgment method is from the plate of view, multilayer board has a layer ofskin plastic pressure formed multilayer board, smooth surface, good not easy deformation, strong grip nails. Long service life; and particleboard fine particle structure closely enough, even can see the small pores, placed in the hands of the lighter weight, small, short service life.

    2, to see whether meet environmental protection sheet. As long as the free formaldehyde content ≤ 9mg/100g board in the European E1 class environmental standards, to human body health not harm. The most direct way is to open the door, open the drawers, if strongly stimulate smell, evenmake people cry, show that formaldehyde content exceed the standard; two is to look at the material inspection certificate business, to see whether it isholding the inspection certificate of quality national imitation board testingcenter.

    3 see plank is real. Currently on the market some small manufacturers in order to reduce costs, often cheat, deceive consumers. Standard cabinetbody plate thickness is 18mm, and small manufacturers generally use themeans with particleboard when high density board to propaganda,thickness is 16mm, and for consumers said its board for 18mm. And the back plate thickness of 9mm, door thickness is 9mm.

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